• Portrait

    Painted this portrait as a vampire. 18" x 24", acylic on paper, available in the store.

  • Portrait Painting

    Here's a recent portrait I did. This girl had a really interesting look that I wanted to capture. Later I realized it was most likely from filters on her phone. Oh well, haha - still made for a unique subject. This one is available in the store. 22" x 28" Acrylic on paper.

  • Procreate

    I finally picked up Procreate, and wow what a great digital painting program! Here are a few pieces I did using it, and an acrylic painting inspired by the digital paintings.


  • Green Man

    Here's another one I finished recently. I also have the full process of this painting on my Youtube channel. Please give me a follow on there to see when new videos come out. The original painting is also available in the store.

  • Where Gods Dwell

    I've been focusing too much on social media and procrastinating on updating my website! Here's one from a few months ago. Where Gods Dwell, Acrylic on paper, 22" x 28".